Edna Rose Collection!

Most of you know our home flooded during Hurricane Harvey and we relocated to the Austin area.
My husband and I planned to move here when our youngest graduates in 2021; however; God had other plans!
As we continue to re-build our Kingwood, Texas home; we also have begun to build our “New Normal” in Horseshoe Bay, Texas.
I quit my job at Anheuser-Busch three years ago and have found myself on a journey I would have never expected!
I stumbled upon Chloe + Isabel by chance; and found an entrepreneurial spirit I never knew I had!
Chantel Waterbury taught me how to lead with grace!
The young ladies who modeled for me taught me to step outside my comfort zone and be comfortable in my own skin.
My team at Chloe + Isabel inspired me to be the best version of myself!
I met Deanna Townsley Nail the founder of Edna Rose because our son’s play football together at Marble Falls High School.
I am so excited to take my next step with her!
Fate and Karma!
When strong woman work together…….
AMAZING Happens!
Check out the FB page.
Check out the web page.
We have some VERY fun things planned for the holidays!
When I take on a project I jump in with BOTH feet!
Brace yourself!
It’s going to be quite a ride!

NLP 2018 Senior Reps!

What is HOT with these ladies?

Chloe + Isabel Tidal Hero Metal + Leather Crescent Earrings

Chloe + Isabel Three Row Paillette Graduated Pendant

Chloe + Isabel Full Moon Reversible Choker Necklace

Chloe + Isabel Astra Statement Earrings

Chloe + Isabel Petite Crescent Necklace

Check out Natalie’s link for details on Senior pics.


Shop Chloe + Isabel and Jen Atkin Hair Accessories before your shoot!

Contact Kim Collins to shop the IN PERSON boutique Kim@GRMTX.com

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Chloe+ Isabel ships ANYWHERE in the US!

Best Of The Fest!

Best of The Fest by GrassRoots Marketing – Texas
Check it out!
Hair Styles by Vivian Fragoza at Bella Madame-Salon
Accessories Designed by Jen Atkin Hair x Chloe + Isabel
Featuring; Ouai Haircare


Texas Ladies Take On NYC!

A year ago I invited a few young ladies over to take some pictures and get their opinion on some jewelry!

I could have never imagined how far our journey would take us together!

This December we traveled to NYC to do photo shoots around the city.

I also had the pleasure of introducing these amazing young ladies to Chloe+Isable’s CEO Chantel Waterbury.

Bringing together all the ladies who have inspired me on my journey was AMAZING!