The Marketplace; by

The Best Ideas I get are from watching trends; seeing what works and putting my own personal spin on them!

I do ALL my shopping on-line….
When I say ALL, I mean I have remodeled FOUR houses and never stepped foot in a store!

I shop for my kids; the dog and groceries ALL on-line!

Who has time to go from store to store?
Who wants to?

I do most of my shopping late at night; or early in the morning.
Sipping my coffee, in my Yoga pants!

The Marektplace; By is a unique on-line boutique featuring custom designed Graphic T’s and well know designers all in one place.

Styles will appeal to ladies of all ages with most items under $50!

See something you like?

2017-2018 Mustang Card

Gone to print!

Stay tuned for new partners and big deals!

NLP 2018 Senior Reps!

What is HOT with these ladies?

Chloe + Isabel Tidal Hero Metal + Leather Crescent Earrings

Chloe + Isabel Three Row Paillette Graduated Pendant

Chloe + Isabel Full Moon Reversible Choker Necklace

Chloe + Isabel Astra Statement Earrings

Chloe + Isabel Petite Crescent Necklace

Check out Natalie’s link for details on Senior pics.

Shop Chloe + Isabel and Jen Atkin Hair Accessories before your shoot!

Contact Kim Collins to shop the IN PERSON boutique

Or  Shop via the link below.

Chloe+ Isabel ships ANYWHERE in the US!

Best Of The Fest!

Best of The Fest by GrassRoots Marketing – Texas
Check it out!
Hair Styles by Vivian Fragoza at Bella Madame-Salon
Accessories Designed by Jen Atkin Hair x Chloe + Isabel
Featuring; Ouai Haircare


Valentine’s Day Solutions!

GRMTX is excited to partner with local vendors to provide a one stop shop for Valentine’s day!

Friday, February 10th – Sunday, February 12th 

Open House  Shopping Day! – Shop the WHOLE Chloe + Isabel Line for Exclusive Valentine’s day Specials!

Message me for more details!

  • Chloe + Isabel Jewelry – Gift wrapped and ready to go!
  • GRAPHIC T’s by GRMTX – LOVE $20 each
  • Kingwood Bakery + Catering – Cupcakes and Valentine’s Cookies prepackaged for gifting!

Monday, February 13th – Tuesday, February 14th 

Parking lot Tent at Flowers of Kingwood

  • Flowers of Kingwood – Prepared single wrapped flowers and arrangements packaged with accessories!
  • Chloe + Isabel Jewelry – Gift wrapped and ready to go!
  • GRAPHIC T’s by GRMTX – LOVE $20 each
  • Chloe + Isabel Bags; Scarves; Perfume; Candles

email me for more details!

Texas Ladies Take On NYC…..

A year ago I invited a few young ladies over to take some pictures and get their opinion on some jewelry!

I could have never imagined how far our journey would take us together!

This December we traveled to NYC to do photo shoots around the city.

I also had the pleasure of introducing these amazing young ladies to Chloe+Isable’s CEO Chantel Waterbury.

Bringing together all the ladies who have inspired me on my journey was AMAZING!